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Some fanart of a youtube series I started a little while ago. It only has two episodes out, but I like it a lot! This is Torio, one of the characters in it. My GOSH his face disagreed with my hand, but I eventually got to a place where I was happy with what I sketched up. Funnily enough, I disliked him at first, but he quickly grew on me and now is my favorite character.

If you are interested in original stories about dragons, check out Blaze's animatic series The Fire and the Pheonix, it's on youtube~ The art in the first ep isn't the best, but it gets a ton better in the second- also expect fluctuations in volume. There's only two episodes out at the moment, but I do recommend it!

Torio and TFaP belong to Blaze-TFD

Art belongs to me. Don't steal or repost, thanks!

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Hi MaskedDragonNamedLin. I think this is one of the best illustrations you've posted. It has a nice line quality and nice use of color.

Since the values (light/dark) of the dragon are similar to the ground, he gets a little lost in it. I think it might help to add a shadow for him. See attached example. This also helps him appear more like he's a part of the space.

Also the placement of his tail being slightly covered by the rock on the left creates some tension. It would help if the rock covered more of the tail or not at all. compositionally it might help to slant the rock more rather than make it so straight. it can help to frame the piece. Making it darker in the foreground will also create more sense of depth.

One thing that can help too with composition is the rule of thirds:

Let me know if this critique was helpful or not. I wasn't sure what level of critique you were looking for.


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