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This is the Convention "Themed Exclusive" for Califur 2017! ... The Theme was "Horror" (in honor of their 13th year.) So I designed a "Franken-Chimera-Taur"

I meant to post this a few days ago, as it easily doubled as a "Halloween" Themed picture, but there have been some technical difficulties,... so, ... Happy Belated Halloween! Big Smile


Done on 9x12 Bristol paper with Copic Marker and multiliner.


The Original did not sell at Califur, so there will be prints of this available in the future.

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A lot of attitude, and some lovely rich color choices.

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Nice chimera here, it's pose is good.

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I think that's a terrific character composite...well done!! It has a great deal of personality in the artwork which is wonderful for fantasy creations.

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