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Jay Snowflower, an avian elf with bluejay-style plumage.


The avian elves are a pet project meant to take winged humanoids--an idea many people seem to be infatuated with--and make them actually work. Humanoid bodies are not build for flight at all, and the wingspan you'd need to lift one off the ground would have to be tremendous. Thus, the workaround for avian elves is that their feathers hold a latent enchantment that projects a sort of magical force field all around them in the shape of a large bird, when they fly, allowing for aerodynamic flight and enough lift to actually get off the ground.


Jay's pronouns are they/them/theirs

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This is a neat concept, I like how the projection is the actual thing flying, it does solve a lot of the issues with an actual humanoid in flight while taking a new approach to it.

I like how the feathers are on a large part of her. A lot of people just stick wings on a human and call it a day, but I love it when people blend the aspects together more, like here.

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nice concept & I like the viewpoint you chose- I recognized the bluejay inspiration before I read your description Smile

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That's a cool idea, having the projection involved. Smile And I appreciate the detail you put into the feathered textures, and enjoy the look of the dark-to-light colorshade going towards the coastline. They seem like a neat OC. ^_^

...Oh dear, I just realized something that might need clarifying. <.< Coincidentally I have a friend named Jay who has flying daydreams, and I've sometimes drawn him with jay-wings because I found it amusing? So if I ever post a jay-winged Jay around here *I promise I'm not trying to rip you off*! Totally different from your elf-enby. >.<

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