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Character of the anime Kamichu.  It's not a much famous series, about a very ordinary girl called Yurie, whom becomes a godess out of the blue. 

Mitsumabaru shows up at the episode 9 (the best one), to ask Yurie to help his friend Yamato to return his origin place. It happens that Yamato is a huge

battleship, that really existed and was sunk during Second World War,  and Mitsumabaru travelled through hell and high water to reach Yurie.  According

to Shintoism, even objects have souls and gods. It's not clear if Mits. is the god of the fishing ships or the ghost of one, but he can teleport himself to any

kind of liquid (incluind sake and hot soups) and shrink to very small sizes.   Too bad that he only shows up in one episode. 

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The boat character is interesting!


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That's a pretty cool power! I'm a bit worried abot drinking a boat if I sip on Sake though O.O!

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