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I was working on reference sheets and such and chatting with a friend, when Easter being April 1st came up and he asked if I was doing anything with my mischief baby. After a moment of realizing that was a *fantastic* idea that I should've came up with on my own, I got straight to making this!

Here, it looks like Darion (brown) has fallen for one of Vaquor's (blue+tan) smaller pranks! As good as big pranks are, sometimes the little ones can be gold. If you are unsure what is happening, that bowl is Darion's drinking bowl Smile Smile The little guy is absolutely loosing it, he's so adorable!

Art wise, I tried tackling a fall setting (thus leaf piles), but I don't feel too great about it I guess? I don't mind that the piece isn't very vibrant, but it feels off- probably because I'm still figuring out the cell shading style. Despite that, I like it, especially on the character front~

Art and characters belong to me.

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