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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Original Art Teen Female (14-19)

Tags: fantasy, fairy, fairies


Completed: Dec 11, 2005

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Okey dokey, this is Emmet's fairy. I have been trying to upload her all day and dorky me just realized that the file was too big Doh Dizzy I made this after my son helped with her other pic and I changed my mind about putting in a complicated back ground because even though she's not perfect I like the way she looks anyhow Grin and I didn't want to overshadow her.

Emmet my dear I hope this one leads to more CPR for you Evil Grin

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Pretty faery, I like your vivid bright colors Big Smile

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Wow very pretty!I'm new so could you please check out my art!?^^

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Hehehe, nice fairy. Grin Super fairy I should say. I like your coloring, especially the pink and purple. Purple my fav color! Laughing Go girl!

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Awww...She`s beautiful hun! Grin I like the colors and the pose! Bounce She`s adorable hun!!! Heart Kisses and hugs to you!!! Heart Mwah!

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Well now, this looks wonderful. Look at you getting all these cool new pictures out. I think you have been bitten by the bug. Wink And this looks wonderful hun. I love the colors you have used together. They compliment each other nicely. The only thing I would say to just work on is pressing a little bit harder with your colored pencils to get rid of that "textured" look where the paper shows through. Other than that, keep on goin babe because you are doing great! All my love. ^_^

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OMG!! I love it!! Thank you so much! I'm going to print it up and hang it up so I can enjoy it every day! Thank you!!!!!!!! I'm sure that more CPR is definately in order (wink). Fabulous job!!

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