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Tags: faerie, fantasy, graphite, woman, fairy, tree, forest, pencilcrayon, coloured pencil, fairie, faery, fae, fay, fall, autumn, branch, spider, tint, wing, web, spiderweb


Completed: Dec 11, 2005

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YAY!  Arkillian gave me  the correct solution..  I should have known all along.  I was just doing things in the wrong order, is all.

Anyhow, this is pretty close to what the original looks like.  Thanks to all for your suggestions and help!  I'm leaving the old one up for comparison (at least for a little while).

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Made of win. I love the shading!

The greatest story ever written.




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Very beautiful shading. I really love the details in the foliage.

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Very lovely work! ^__^

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I love the details
i love the facial expression
I REALLY love the main girl's face...
its beautiful ^_^


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Amazing work!
no crit...look beautiful!!

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it is nice to see non-yaoi artworks from you, too.
i adore your skills.

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Good lord..this is incredible! I like the detail and the shading on this, it is amazing! Keep it up!

I'd say your one of the best artists here on PD..^_^

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Wow. I really like this drawing. I haven't seen the original, but I really do like this one. *sighs* I wish I could draw like that. Sorry

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Wow. Great drawing. One of the best I have seen in me short time here. Great attention to detail and shading. Very impressive work!


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Wow, this is great work, you are very talented. I especiallly adore her branchy wings, and the wee faeries flying about her.

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