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Tags: landscape, pastel, mountain


Completed: Dec 16, 2005

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My not so great with color so i've decide to work on nothing but color so that i'll end up being good. I used oil pastel to create this. I wanted it to be different , more mysterious, but hey i ended up...well like this. I dunno if i manage to create the myst effect correctly. Anyway, tell me what you guys think! Smile

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O.O! Wow!This is great!!!!!!!! Bounce *does a happy dance for Lili* This looks awesome!You wanted to make it mystic....? Well you DID it! It does look magical and mystic.The colors are great and the scenery is breath-taking!!!!!!!!! Heart Innocent Great piccy Lili,really! It`s awesome!! I love it! Heart My love to you! Heart Mwah!

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Its PURTYFUL!!!! I love mountain scenes the only thing better is mountains with waterfalls, LOL. I like the myst effect but it would be more pronouced if you do it in a shade just a tad lighter. Of course I'm not even close to your skill level so I'm probably wrong Laughing It's still breathtaking!!!!!!!! Worship and *FAV*


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Lisi, this is beautiful. Yes I am happy that you are doing some colorful art. It just shows your versatility my dear. Smile I absolutely love oil pastels. I wish I could draw in them better. I love those evergreens you did. They look so real. And you have the colors blended so well. Especially on the mountain. it is really easy on the eyes. great work my dear. You completely rock out loud.! ^_^ All my love.

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Nice job the shadows look great! This is similar to something I just posted imagine that! Great minds think alike Laughing I think you have the right idea about doing everything in color practice makes perfect!

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That is very nice I like the colors.Great job! ^__^

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Oooo I like this. Good job. Smile

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