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Digital in Painter 6. A young woman and a dragon discuss womanly things.

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Wow.. The shading and coloring is gorgeous. And their poses look very natural. That's really awesome. Smile

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very nice

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Youre really good at these photoshop things. full respect,
I dont know how can you finish a whole pic that good. XD I always do the half of the pic but i usually dont finish it Sad

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Nem olyan könnyű az, töki!! *paff*

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Damn, im speechless, i adore this. The way you colored it...soft and yet vibrant.

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Wow! O.O! Just beautiful..... O.O! No,really,you`re awesome! Innocent The coloring,the shading,the idea!!!!! This awesome!You`re very talented,so keep up the good work! Yes You`re awesome,so is your piccy!My love to you! Heart

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Wow I haven't seen an artist so good with Painter here on before. Don't suppose you have some links to good Painter tutorials or artists who give you inspiration or anything do you? I just got Painter 9 recently.
I really like your use of color too. Do you download color sets from the net or from friends or do you sample from existing artwork or do you just eyeball your colors?


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Really just very lovely... The face and hands are very moving.

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