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Tags: gothic, dark, death


Completed: Jan 19, 2006

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Im in the mood, incredible how mood influence what we do! I left the other one so that you can see the changes.

Watercolor and charcoal

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love the grimm reaper man!

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Very very nice. Big Smile I think this is my absolute favorite piece of your work, yet. But, I haven't been through the rest of your gallery yet, so... Smile Nice job.

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I absolutely looooove this. I like morbid, dark things sometimes. Weird What?

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Woah!OOThis is awesome! Yes I love the way you`ve colored this one!And the blood... Evil Perfectly spooky!! Yeah,mood does inluence!! Laughing Awesome job hun! Heart My love to you!Let the next piccy to be a bit happier! Laughing Laughing MMmwaaahh! Heart

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I like the revised pic and I think you did an excellent job with the feeling of this drawing. I think we all get into a mood like that sometimes and this is a great rendition of it. Water color and charcoal huh? I've never heard of that combination before I might have to try it out because it's an awesome mixture! Grin

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Oh i love grim...This is awesome...Great job... Smile

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