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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Original Art Young Adult Male (20-40)

Tags: fantasy artwork, fantasy, elf, sword, cape


Completed: Feb 12, 2006

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Ok It's finally done. I tried to print out the line drawing and mount it and watercolor ontop but that didn't work very well. I tried to use the watercolors in Painter but that was just too darn slow. My computer couldn't handle it. It took like 2 minutes just for a paint stroke to dry. Then I tried digital watercolor in Painter and that was a little better but the colors were reacting weird and the opacity for some reason wasn't really working right. So then I just sort of gave up and erased a lot of it and went back to good ol' trustworthy Photoshop to finish it up.

I fixed a lot of issues with the drawing too. I repositioned his legs and changed his face a little.

I spent way too much time on this. I still need to finish the other 5 illustrations for this assignment. O.O!

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Great work. It has a magnificent flow to it.

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A very pretty sword indeed.
Your art is so...

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O.O! O.O! O.O! This is amazing! O.O! I think it came out great!!!! Heart Innocent Innocent Heart Heart Yes I love the pose and the coloring!And his cape....I love it! Heart Much love to you! Innocent Innocent Heart Heart Innocent Innocent Heart Heart

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Nicely done! I love that sword! I can sympathize with the slow loading painter I get that problem alot too so I'm prone to stick to Photoshop (even though my brother wants me to practice painter) and plus it was the first program that I really learned how to use so I kinda put it up on a pedastal. But anyways as always I love all of your artwork! Grin

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Aw, yes. You got the pose just right to keep the sword up like that; nice compositional triangle! *hehehe, don't mind me, just learning this stuff Smile * And as always, your soft coloring style and whimsical movements fit this -oh- so well...And I can't wait to see the others! *You're going to post them, right?*

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WOOT! As usual Susie your art is wonderful!! I love it! His face is great! I am loving the way his body is set! Nice work again...I am gonna have to Favorite hee hee Smile


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O.O! wow! this is awesome! i really like the colors you used, great pose, and the look of the cloak came out very well, wow~!hehe, i want those boots.. Wink

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