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Galleries: Female/Female - Shoujo-Ai Finished Work Gothic Original Art

Tags: shoujo ai, blood, gothic, yuri, femslash


Completed: Jan 10, 2006

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These are two characters from a script I'm working on.  Both are human girls with odd quirks, very magical.  The albino, a tribe leader from the north, and the dark one, a princess from below the equator.

...That aside, the albino one is biting into the nape of her neck; I think the nape is such a fleshy and graceful area of the body.

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OOOOOOOHH this is really kewl!

Hazardous to your health!!!!!!

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What? ....nice, lol, kinda gives me the creeps though ^_^ . love the color! very well done!

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nice pic, the girls getting bit in the wrong spot (go for the jugular!!) but I love they way you drew and colored this! great pic

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Wow, i love this! Great work! A favorite for sure!

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