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Tags: knight, warrior, bishonen, prince, hunter, swordsman, royalty


Completed: Jan 15, 2006

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This character is from a script I am working on.  He's a necromancer, hunter, swordsman, prince, and oddly enough, a healer.

I like the way the rest came out, but I think the legs are WAY too long.  Perhaps it's just the legplates he's wearing.


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Wow!This is great! Yes You`re coloring style is unique! I like it! Heart And I just loooove this guy`s outfit!Awesome job! Yes Keep up the ood work! Heart Wink

There is no way to happiness.Happiness is the way. Yes

~*~Thich Nhat Hanh~*~

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That's pretty nice! I really love the way you colored it! Great job!

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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