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Tags: jason, mythology, greece, greek, legend


Completed: Feb 13, 2006

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Ok here's the last of the Generations series. I drew and inked this on paper and then colored it digitally. I was in a rush to get this done and move onto the next pieces so I couldn't spend as much time on the border as I would have liked. But overall I'm very pleased with how this piece turned out. I think this is my favorite piece of the six.

This piece was based on Greek mythology about Jason and the Argonauts. This is their ship saling to the island with the Golden Fleece.

All comments appreciated.

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Oh this is lovely Big Smile I love the earthyness of the colour and the simplicity of the colouring Big Smile

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Makes me want to read the book again!

I like this a lot.

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Wow!This one is great! Bounce I love teh Argonauts!I love this myth!Long time ago I saw a movie about them and I love the legend ever since! Yes Great job with this one!You did everything:the ship,the compass,the sea,the dangers! Bounce Great job!!!!!!!! Bounce Yes Heart

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This looks really cool! I love greek mythology it's like my best subject for history eer...mythology lol. Just a question though did you use photoshop or Illistrator cause it looks alot like something that would be done in illustrator.

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OMG! You have to do another pic with this excellent border but with one of those lovely, old-school, flower-covered maidens, because this totally reminds me of those ones.. I wish i could remember the name of the guy that used to draw them for ad's and whatnot- great job! I love this pic!

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You should give this a slight sepia tone to make it look old. I reckon that would suit well Smile Maybe an old paper edge... Then again, I'm tired ^^;

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