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Tags: elf, pencil, woods


Completed: Mar 15, 2004

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I don't know where this elf girl got hip huggers and flip flops, but...
anyway, just a lil' elf girl chillin' in the woods.  Hey, where's that rabbit going???

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You really are a wonderfully talented artist. I love the wistful expression on her face. I have such a difficult time with expressions, where you seem to just take it all in stride, and with such a small drawing.

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wow, I love the way the whole body is well set. Very nice. I think the bunny is running off to play with me lol... ^_^ j/k...

anyway, this is fantastic... definitely have to Favorite it... i love it ^_^

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awesome pic

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Wow....this one manage to slip pass my eyes. But darn am i glad to have found it. THIS IS GREAT ! Great job, i love it. I like the sunlight in the background and, her face....ah i love it all. AWESOME

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I like it. Thats a darn cute elf. As for hip huggers and flip flops...Well, She's a modern girl.

That Rabbit is running away.He took a look at that spear tip.

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