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This is a sample I did for a children's book writer. It was not used, the project fell through.

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Aw, too bad the project fell through, this would have been really cool to see in a book. Smile I love it. ^^




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What a cute concept! I adore this!

I'd love to see a bit more wetness to it -- maybe some of the white spot dripping as well. But otherwise this looks so adorable the way it is. ^_^

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simply gorgeous

im envious!


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very ceative concept and the colors are well done

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Beautiful painting, I love art for children's books, and this one would have been perfect, if it hadn't fell through. Such vibrant colors.

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This is cute. I'm sorry if it didn't make to the children's book. It would've been nice. I think this picture is absolutely adorable. I like the idea of a faerie painting toadstools

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Oh this is so sweet. I love it!

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Nice! I love this picture...the colors, the concept, everything! +fav for you! Smile

Sorry, I know your asking for critical reviews, but I can't seem to find anything wrong with this one..it's perfect! xD

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