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Tags: trolls


Completed: unknown

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Trolls hunting something. The furry, mean looking thing is something I affectionately refer to as a "Wicket".

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very cool.... Smile

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Awesome! I love the detail in this. The shading is good but they could be a bit darker. Also there's some proportion problem in here. Though I dunno if that's your style. Some artists do that purposely cause they like the look of it (I do that some times. I make huge hands on my characters ^^; ) but other than that I think this turned out really great. You should seriously consider a job in comic books (if you haven't already)But anyways can't wait to see your next piece soon Smile

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Ooo, so very neat. Smile I love all the little complexities you have going on in here.
My eyes really want to see some darker shades though. I think adding another level of tone would really make this pop! It should help bring out all the work you put into your characters and their armory. Thumbs Up

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This is amazing! The detail is incredible, and the trolls and creatures look awesome!

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