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folder icon Surviving Together My work for the animated version of Surviving Together 
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folder icon Vegeta Vegeta. My favorite character from Dragon Ball Z. 
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Tags: dbz, vegeta, romance, dragonball z, vejita, vegita, bulma, surviving together, fanart, vejiita


Completed: Mar 27, 2006

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Finally, it's finished. I got around to coloring this sucker today and as soon as I'm finished posting this I'll get to work on the new home for the Surviving Together animated series and Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater. I'll probably have it up in a couple days. I may stay up all night to finish the site because there are a lot of people who want to sign up and stuff.

The intention for this piece is for the new Surviving Together Animated Series website.

Anyway, I'm not too happy with Bulma's face and hair, but everything else I'm fairly pleased with. I tried a different method of coloring for this. I'm not all that great at it yet but I'll use this method again in the future and get some more practice with it.

No negative criticism on this piece, please.

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Awww, they looke cute together like that Heart

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I write with delay but I want so much to say to you that it is a very beautiful drawing. I adore the design of the characters, the background and one feels a perfect osmosis between Bulma and Vegeta. Good job!

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wow, this is awesome. I love the background, bulma's hair, the coloring style, everything, it's just so cool! keep up the awesome work!

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Man, this is an amazing piece. Great job. So... flowy... Angel

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Wow, very interesting choice of coloring style! It's like a mix of soft- and cell-shading. Excellent job, I esspecially love Vegeta's face! ^o^

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Got to love that background! Really, I think especially the background is beautiful, not to neglect the couple, but I just do. And I honestly can't see anything wrong with Bulma's face, but who am I hm? Keep it up!

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LOOKIN GOOD!! I love how theyre floatin in midair. =3

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I love this new coloring method of yours and the whole pic came out great! Grin

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Smile I love this picture! They look like they're in a deep train of thought, probably thinkin' 'bout each other! Good Job! Smile

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This is a very pretty picture. They look so gentle in the sky. They were always a cute couple!

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