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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Naruto Romance

Tags: kiss, naruto, ry-ry, passion


Completed: Apr 7, 2006

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Kat Scratch

Awww, I Heart this piccy. Ok its two of my characters Miari (girl) and Ry-ry (boy). Ry-ry has had a crush on Miari ever since she found him. Smile and now he showed his true feelings for her, she seems to feel the same way too! Wink Heart Heart

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Awww how sweet Heart

"...Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal and put them on a boat and beat the crap out of them! And from that point forward any time a bunch of animals were together it's called a 'Zoo'!"

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Awe- that's sweet Smile I'm a little nastier to my characters- they're always glad to get what I give them- eventually! XD What kind of critical comments do you want on this hon?

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