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Tags: vegeta, dragonball z, goku, anime, piccolo


Completed: Mar 9, 2003

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I've done this picture so many times, but I final decided I was gunna actually pu the effort into the shading and make Piccolo look good.
I always go from bottom character (Usually Vegeta) first and then as a move up the lazier and tireder (Not a word ) I would get. This ALWAYS resulted in an ugly Piccolo seeing as he's always at the top. But it has all changed! EAT THAT VEGETA!

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I dunno, I think Piccolo came out the best of all three of them. Goku and Vegeta seem kinda...squished. Like someone dropped a rock on them before the picture was drawn. But maybe that's just me, I dunno.

Either way, good work! Thumbs Up

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Piccolo looks flippin' sweet! I'm quite partial to drawing Trunks-kun.

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