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Tags: demon, fantasy, elf, wings


Completed: Apr 24, 2006

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Another Paper Demon drawing. This one is a little more demon-like than the others.
Anyway I'm working on this for a class assignment.

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whoa...thats awesome!

"Oh my Godsss!" -PpgZ Snake

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This is very pretty. I love the flowy quality of your work.

"‡«»º][Dersonally Chosenº«»‡"

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OO, sexy half-naked winged creature, my favorite xD I love the coloring on him with a little bit of well-placed highlights ^^

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Woah Susie..... O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! This is awesome! O.O! O.O! O.O! I have no time,but I`ll sacrifice some of it for this drawing. O.O! Rehearsal can wait,don`t you think so? Laughing Laughing I love it!I`m in awe! Yes I just love the pose and the claws....Oh ,the claws...... Evil Yes I love the clawes!They make him look really demonic! Yes Laughing (demonic-is there such word after all? Laughing Laughing Laughing )I love the pose,and the wings are great! Yes I love the dark shades,makes him look more evil,dark. Yes Awesome piccy! Yes I`ll be waiting for the finished version! Yes Good luck hun! Heart

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~*~Thich Nhat Hanh~*~

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Very nice. Big Smile I love it.

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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very cool

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