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Yp, another picture wth Lee, in yet another design lol. What's with me? XD. Lol, his "new" look comes from a basic story framework  I came up with a few night's ago, I won't go into much detail, since it's still just framework layout, but as for Lee, I chose him to be the one main character, and so, he's a dragon-half prince, in this form anyways, in his dragon form, he's a dragon prince, get it got it? I hope so lol. Why so much green? The hair color reflects the color dragon they are when in true form Corky Smile . This pretty little drawing took all but waaay too much time just drawing...I'm sick of dragon wings now rofl. Is there some tool or way to draw arcs proportional to one another lol, cus it's rather annoying constantly trying to line and match the opposite wing, especially when the one goes off the page!! Grr!!! Yeah, I know Lee's colors for shading are kinda..crazy? lol, but that's because I wasn't exactly sure what all colors I should "add" since his basics from my first picture, are green, and purple, and a light blue, so I messed around with mixing and matching colors and eventually went haywire with shading..lol..which is why his crinklied baggy pants look so...whack? lol. Ah well, hope you guys like him. Corky Smile

Materials used:

Prisma colored pencils,0.5mmmechanical pencil,cliq erase eraser,rectangle white eraser,ballpoint pen

Lee©BamboozledByAnime..Me! Corky Smile

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