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Tags: demon, angel, fallen angel


Completed: unknown

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This was drawn when I was feeling down. As you can see, I like to try and chang my styles.


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Wow. Amazing. I really like it.
And the none background makes him more lonely. Sad
But plz cheer up now. Hug

" I didnt lose my mind, i sold it on eBay. "

Nem olyan könnyű az, töki!! *paff*

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Awesome, I love the concept

"True Wisdom Lies In Knowing That You Know Nothing."

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I love this, great work. Lots of depth!!! Me encanta!

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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As always this one always takes me aback. The strength in this pic is not in the art itself but in the strong emotion it portrays.

Very nice work Lando.

I don't sleep. I despise those little slices of death.

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Very nice work. I haven't seen you around before. What?

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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this is totally kickass! great pic!

"Being a good fiend is like being a photographer, you have to search for the right moment!" - Prince Vegeta

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