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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Original Art

Tags: fantasy, creatures, beasts, goblins


Completed: unknown

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Done with this. Has now been inked. I think it helped...

Goblins of the polar region.

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I'm so behind on your art! I've just looked through your latest work and I feel like I could look at it all day.XD
I really like this picture. The faces just draw me in, they look so real! You know, it reminds me of a faery book I saw, I think you totally should put your goblins into one, if you haven't done that already. This is a fav for sure. Grin

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I really like how organic this feels. You might walk right past them in the forest and never even know. So, how can we say they don't exist? Maybe they are just hiding very well.

"Don't take life too seriously.  You'll never get out alive."
--- Van Wilder

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Wow. I always look forward to your latest posts, Zacula. Giggle VERY nice work.

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