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Tags: graphite, girl, sad


Completed: unknown

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Graphite, she's all done!

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You DREW this?? OMG!! this is AMAZING! your a VERY talented artist! She looks so REAL!! i LOVE this pic! (*adds to favs*)

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This is really awesome! That shading and the pose is great! Yes a new fave Grin

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this is beautiful! =D

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Wow, this is very good work. I think you've captured the moment very well. Her left foot's a bit funky, though. Very Happy Favorite

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I like the emotion in this piece. Very touching.


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I love this dark and gloomy look! I actually love this. She has a very sad expression and I am loving the position of her body. You have done a nice job with this! I love it. Great piece! Smile


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My goodness...This is incredible. This drawing has touch me like you cannot understand. GREAT WORK!

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Beatiful, I love her sad expression and her posture. The only defect is her left foot which is slightly twisted, but in any case, it is a good drawing.

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