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Galleries: Fantasy

Tags: butterfly


Completed: Oct 10, 2003

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Jin Wakai

Yo Butterfly Warrior!

love the sense that women can be as good as men

Well i made this back i high school when i was fourth year.

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Nice, I like the colors in this! ^-^ The wing design is also very creative. Smile


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She beautiful, good job here!! Brilliant colours and the background is perfect! Love it!

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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Lovely colour combinations. Good composition, too. You've done a lovely piece of work, you should be proud of yourself. (Oh, and the chat room's not working.. So I guess this is my goodnight! Smile )

'Normal' is merely a polite term for boring.

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Yay for fairie fighters! lol
This is so pretty Smile

*Legend of Zelda makes me not die*

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Oh, love the vibrant color scheme in this picture! It's so vivid and definately catches the eye. Great job! She looks beautiful. I love the way that the colors make your eye jump around from place to place on the picture. *thumbs up*

Laughter is the best medicine and your face is curing the world.

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