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I honestly never thought I would finish this.  Sweat Drop I've never worked so long on something for a contest in my life.  Dizzy But, I just couldn't bring myself to slack on this one. I really wanted it to look pretty. It's for a contest on Sheezyart being hosted by my friend, Psyconorikan. Michi works so hard on every drawing she does the least I could do was turn out one nice work for her. She's on here too, you should go look. She's amazing. Yes

The 7 bubbles are her friends. The characters belong to Psy, they're from a book she's working on. I made them in bubbles so they would look like she was remembering different fun times she had with them. I don't know a lot about how her book is going to go but it seemed like a good idea. ^_^

My scanner ate the crap out of this one so in addition to the time it took me to draw it there was close to 8 hours of fixing tiny discolorations. lol All together I worked on the traditional end of this for 31 hours. Dizzy  If I didn't keep really good track of how long things took me, I would never believe it either. But it came out alright in the end so I feel it was worth it.

Well, I hope everyone likes it! Yes

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I love the shiny texture of her hair and clothing, it really makes it stand out! ^-^ Great job on this pic. Smile


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Congrats on the Random featured artwork

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Yay! More blue! I love it! Can't...resist...fav! Laughing

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She's got the most amazing dress and hair! This is a realli great picture.
I need to learn how to use pencil crayons... My stuff never looks nearly as smooth... Whats your secert? Wink

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Moooorrree pretty hair! /^,^/ Whoo! I just cannot get over how gorgeous all of your characters' hair is! Yes It's a great piece of work, themusicdied.

Oh yes, before I forget - 31 HOURS?! O.O! Damn! Looks like it paid off, too! Laughing

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Holy carp that's a lonnnnnnng time to spend on a drawing. O.o What are the 7 bubbles at the bottom? And who is this character? If this is bassed off of a story, I feel the need to know! ^ ^
It's so shiney and bright and shimmery! I think that all your best work must lose some of it's beauty in the scanning process...our eyes are not worthy for it's brilliance. ^ ^ Whooho...I love it. Favorite

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