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Tags: fanart, anime, funny, naruto


Completed: Jun 14, 2006

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Amen, lunarbabe4. Every time Lee pops up in the series I keep hoping Neji'll tackle him. This picture, therefore, is hilarious to me.

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that was wierd but funny,sasuke.

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My two fave leaf village peoplez! *Tackles Neji* He's SOOOO sexy. XD No I am not cheating on Vincent, I only have one bishie and that is him XD But any way, NICE idea. ^ ^;;;; And why do you people hate the poor Lee? He's not so bad, just a wee bit annoying but he kicks a$$ later in the series. XD And so does Neji! YAY! *Disapears*

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Wouldn't it be great if Neiji just took out Rock Lee then and there? He's so irritating.... Annoyed

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