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Completed: Jun 14, 2006

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An illustration for my poem Alone. You can read the rest of it in my writing section



"Screaming, screaming
Save my heart
Save my soul, but tear me apart
Ravage my skin, bite my tongue
Leave me to die, but its all for fun"

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Very creative, especially when seeing the actual poem piece coupled with it.

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freaky . . . but cool. i like your use of shadowing in a gloomy shot. in a enlarge shot the eyes truely speak volumes.

What are you looking at? nothing interesting here. Go! Go on! away with you.

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Wow! Very deep...very dramatic too. Great work

"...Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal and put them on a boat and beat the crap out of them! And from that point forward any time a bunch of animals were together it's called a 'Zoo'!"

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Nice work

Procrastinate Later! words to live by.

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very deep.....and very good awesome work..... Smile

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