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Whao, it's been almost a year since I finished this piece! Anyway, it's done in colored pencils only. I used the brand Prismacolor. 
It took...all last summer, of course, i didn't work on it constantly, plus there was a short period of time where it got lost. Thank god i found it.

Anyway, i'll quit going on and on. Bounce

Please enjoy!! ^^

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i really like this because it actully looks like dark from DNangel and the one's they use in the manga books it so amazing and cool i really like this so much i wish i had it in a frame on my wall it's........
i'm really lost for words fanstacy.

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That looks good; especially the hair. I have the picture that you drew that from. I used the pose to draw a character of mine once.

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awsome i love it

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This is awesome! I'm just now getting back into my love of DNAngel and ... wow. Just wow. Good work!

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I loove this! Its so amazing! I mean....wow! Its awesome! Good work! Favorite

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Wow, you're so good! O.O! I love his expression and hair and everything else! Favorite

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Star! You're on PD?? I didn't even know! XD I signed on and I'm like "No way... if this is a art theif someone's going to get hurt.". Laughing

Anyways, back on track, love the art!! The lighting looks really good. Really, you're so good at blending it's amazing!! Favorite

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