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Galleries: Finished Work General Original Art Teen Female (14-19)

Tags: pink, anime, original art, female, flowers


Completed: Mar 6, 2007

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This is Momo. She is the first of about eleven in my 'Me' series. When I say 'Me' I mean my nicknames and internet names. I already have four pictures drawn, but Momo is the first thats been colored. By the way, if you cant tell what the background is, its flower petals from a brush I made myself in Photoshop 8. The point of this 'Me' series is to show what I feel or imagine when Im called/using a particular name. )Plus, it should help me with my Photoshop and drawing skills Tongue Also, in each description for the pic Id like to say why this particular nickname was given to me or how it came about Tongue

Momo: This nickname was given to me by Terry (AmericanReject here on PD) It started out by him calling me Alimomoson(I think)  Tongue But then it got shortened to just Momo. Recently we found out it means Peach in Im kind of a fruit now, lol Tongue

Well, I hope you like my picture. I put alot of hard work into it! Reviews are very very welcome!! ^-^

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