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Completed: Jul 3, 2006

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I've been looking at some Far Side and Dr. Fun cartoons lately and  so they have inspired me to start drawing some cartoons featuring my cat Cuddles.  He is the funniest cat I have ever seen and provides me with ample material to work with.

I drew this cartoon because Cuddles watches TV and he teases the neighbor's dog by sitting up on the fence.  I had a hard time trying to figure out what kind of show would drive him to go search for entertainment elsewhere, and originally I drew this cartoon with the TV show being "Barny and Friends."  However, I decided to change it to "liberal media lies and propaganda" in the final draft since it is something that has been bugging me lately and it was on my mind at the moment I was finishing my cartoon, ha ha.

Drawn in pencil and inked.

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This is actually pretty funny....AND it's simply drawn. A nice combo. Great job.

There are some things in life better left untouched, such as graves, crime scene evidence, cursed gold, and other people's girlfriends.

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