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This was the first watercolor picture I've ever done!

The scanner kind of made it look orange...o well.
I hope you like it!! *hug

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if i could ever do a water color in my life, I could only hipe to start as beautifully as this... its absolutely beautiful. And hey, orange... it's an awesome color Wink

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This is so pretty!! Very nice coloring and well done on the gesture. Big Smile

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i think the orange looks cool. nice gesture action going on in this one. the hands are beautifully drawn as well.


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this is soo pretty!

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This is sooo pretty!!! Awesome job of the watercolor! =]

Love you!

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This piece shows an excellent knack for watercolours. I love the colour scheme as well. Smile More would be welcome, indeed!

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the position is great beautiful work Corky Smile

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Bounce I love this one, Star!! She looks so cool standing like that. The body proportions and position is just amazingly perfect!! Hug

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Looks way better then my first water colour... Bounce
Great job on this one.
Although she looks a bit like she's hurting herself bending backwards that much. Innocent

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