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Completed: unknown

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Heh-heh I can't draw Garra worth Sqwat but I like this one and Oh yeah My Scanner Is Working again I fixed it!!!!!

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Very sexy captivating look, would you consider coloring it in the future?

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Holy moly, what do you mean you can't draw Gaara worth squat?! I wish *I* could draw him that well!

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i love your icon

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totally wicked im rayearth400's friend!!!! but the drawing is good Smile

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This is awesoem! Yes The feelings...Graet job on this oen! Yes Hug

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I am not a sandman stupid.....and you misspelled Gaara.......but it's good....

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OMG! I CALL GAARA MR. SANDMAN TOO! XD Or desert Rat, or sand of death. ^^;;;;; I think Orochimaru could kick his a$$ though. XD Don't even get me started on those sand ninja though. *shakes head* Mist is SOOOOO much better, and sound! ^^ Nice picture though, I hope you decide to finish it ya? *Reports back to Zabuza*

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Haha! This is nice!! *shocked* I can't draw gaara for my LIFE! this is pretty good! xD

Love you!

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Oh, but I really like the feeling you've got going on in this. I love the way you've cropped it and the action it implies...this is great! Big Smile

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