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Galleries: Finished Work Gothic Original Art Teen Male (14-19)

Tags: subeta, widow, commission, graveyard


Completed: Jun 8, 2006

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XD A subeta commission

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aw man, this is awesome.
love the background and overall composition, the character really stands out. <3

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I reallly like this- but what's up with his one leg?

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i tell ya here people dont appretiate good art...only 4 comments...
i love the dark athmospehere...and the look in the eyes...
hehehe..hes a

take care,

v k


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This is very well laid out..And its actually very smart. The patches on the guy and the guy seems patched to the background by webs, and moon is patched to the sky by webs... Well done!!!!!!!!!!! Favorite

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I love the whole dark feeling to this you did a great job with it! Yes Favorite

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It reminds me of the corpse bride. XD

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This looks very cool, and a nice, creepy feel to it. I like the Zero tattoo. Smile

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