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Tags: manga, pencil, ninja


Completed: Aug 7, 2006

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Me, if I were some kinda ninja, Exalted super hero, kick ass type. 

Yeah, I wish! lol

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Needs a little more anatomical flow, the torso is twisted from the hips in a displaced way. I am afraid the attention to detail and value has overpowered the zen in this drawing. Also, the feet do not look like they are touching on quite the same surface as each other. Not that I could have easily done so much better. I hope you kick my art someday. Best to you. Evil

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Love the pose Smile its kick ass =D

| Rank: Bard | Points: 104

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Well, this is a very detailed piece of art. I like the folds of clothing too. Smile The movement is well drawn as well. Wink I like the shading here too! ^-^


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new Favorite this is totally kick ass

"Being a good fiend is like being a photographer, you have to search for the right moment!" - Prince Vegeta

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Great pose and detail. Excellent work!!

| Rank: Sprite | Points: 95

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What a great pose! Nice work, it looks fantastic.

| Rank: Gnome | Points: 9

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Great detail and lovely positioning. I especially like the hair!
Well done!

"‡«»º][Dersonally Chosenº«»‡"

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Very lovely and detailed. Favorite Doesn't everyone wish they were a ninja deep down inside?

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