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folder icon HERE CAT These fellows are my home dogs. Uh... yo! 
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I've been dying to draw these characters at the beach.

I designed their swimsuits like, a million years ago.

And finally, here they are...

The picture really didn't clean up as well as I'd hoped, I tried my best, but... UGH.

Anyway... I really want to color this, but I'm afraid to touch it... I might print out a copy and color that...

I want to try and color it on the comp, but I don't have photoshop.

If anyone wants to give it a try, be my guest.

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Haha this is awesome. I love the guy buried in the sand with the sand boobs XD

Also, as an alternative to Photoshop there's always the GIMP you know ;D

Kan I color plz? ;D

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Awesome work! The lines are sharp and perfectly clear. Amazing job! Keep up the great work!

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They are cool looking, i think this is my fav one

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