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Tags: woman, warrior, armor, praying


Completed: May 11, 2000

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This was priestess I had drawn for my wife when she used to play RPGs.

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oooo, mezmerizing...

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-Veg Spicer

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Wow! Very nicely done!

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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Marsvellouzh!! (hic)

'Thizh (hic) matey raizhes a (hic) pint fors ya... Cheerzh (hic)... Yar...

*Pass out*

Where I am bound, time is not measured in years. And the crimes I have committed are stronger than any cage...

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OOOOOOOOH, She is so pretty. You are a GGGGGGRREAT artist. Never I repeat never stop drawing.

Hazardous to your health!!!!!!

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I agree this is certainly akin to the wonderful artists of TSR!

Stand back...I'm about to do science!

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Another great pic! I love her armor!

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Your artwork is pretty good. You should study illustration an then go do illustrations for TSR. Are you looking at Julie Bell or Boris Vallejo's work at all? I can see their influence in your art. You may want to check out Frank Frazetta. He's the one who influenced Bell and Vallejo.


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