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Tags: fantasy, magic, warrior, anthro, night, assassin


Completed: Jun 4, 2006

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I did two versions of this picture, but I think I like this one better. My background drawing skills are pretty nonexistant, but here I tried making two separate linearts. This was the first time I tried drawing actual buildings.

I was also inspired by Oblivion concept art. I wanted this guy to look a bit like my khajit character who had back then just joined the Brotherhood faction.

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ffft - not good at backgrounds!
*spanks you*

i love the atmosphere!

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This looks awesome! XD Not good at bg's!! are you kidding me! That background kicks alot of ass! Yes anyways great job Thumbs Up

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You did really well with the bg- most people don't bother to set their character somewhere. The height comparisions look right too. I think you did well.

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