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Completed: Sep 12, 2006

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Well, it's seems like it's been a while since I've posted something, so here ya go. ;D

This is an OC I made for someone on Gaia. Note: This is not my OC! It is property of someone else!

If you do want to know, this was most of the information I recieved before drawing it:

Name: Damanai

Age: 19

Race: Kamerreon (Physic with Magical Powers)

Parents: None

Siblings: A twin brother that she cannot find, and believes to be dead.

Past: Very dark, she lost her parents when she was three. She cannot remember anything about them. She was destined to lead her people and have no human contact with others, but she didn't want to leave her twin brother. Soldiers came for her in the dead of night and tried to take her away from him when she was seven. In a rage she burned down the entire village with pyrokinetic abilities. Her brother was not in the ashes, but she couldn't find him. She ran away into the forest and has avoided her kind ever since. Through her psychic powers she managed to learn and master every type of self-defense and weaponry that exist. Her sole goal is to find her brother and kill everything that gets in her way. The shadow Warrior.

Clothing: She is always wearing a training uniform as seen below. As long as it is black, red, and white, you may be creative. You can make the main part red, with black detailing, or white with red detailing. But you may not make the training uniform any other colors than these three.

I may end up drawing her again for a contest, so don't be suprised if you see her floating around here again. xP

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Cool Grin I love the pose and the BG is not bad either. Yes Great job! Yes Hug

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Yay more art! Very nice and her background info is pretty cool too.

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