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    This was an assignment for my advanced digital illlustration class. The challenge was to create an illustration to convey the phrase "Softly Battling for the Hearts of Men". One of the first concepts that popped into my head was that of catty high school girls competeing for the office of class president. Being imensly fake, and gifting/shmoozing the people they normally wouldn't even look at (you know, the unpopulars), they are sofly battling each other for the adoration and votes of their classmates.
    The entire image was first drawn in graphite, then taken into Photoshop for coloring. I intentionally didn't ink this, wanting to leave the nice grungy effect of the graphite shading.
    I reallhy love the way this came out, especially seeing as most of my classmates created things such as knights fighting with pillows.. LOL...

Peace out all you crazy cats!
--The Cole

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great pic!

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AWEsoem! O.O! All teh details... O.O! I love the expressions! Yes And teh coloring is great! Hug Awesome job! Yes

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It's soo damn true.
Our student council president is one of those girls...
Makes me wanna throw something at her.
But hell, it's a great picture... I espeically like the poser with the mustache in the back. Very awesome.
Well, keep up the great work...
Oh yes, your gift boxes, they slightly look like tissue boxes, other than that, no complants.
I want a green mohawk too.

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Wow this looks awesome Yes a definate fave ^^

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Hi Cole,
Nice work on this one. I love the mustache drawn on the little poster. I also like the main girl's pose and the hair in the foreground in the lower left. Big Smile


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