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Completed: Sep 14, 2006

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Oh please full view this for a better look at him :3 *begs on hands and knees*

Given the fact that someone liked my last picture of my character Lee in dragon-half form, I opted to draw another one of him, and improve him a bit if I could. And I went above and beyond what I normally do when coloring and inking my pictures lol. Double ink outlines, more detail in ruffles and folds *hopefully seemingly in the right places better ><* and coloring some areas of clothing twice. I hope you guys like this one of him as much as I do, I put alot of time into this, more than I have in ages for any of my other drawings :3 *kicks his other drawings outta the way and makes room for the new Lee on the block!* Mwahaha, enjoy! ^_^

Materials used: Prisma colord pencils,0.5mm mechanical pencil,cliq erase eraser, Fine ball point pen.

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