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The Ebony Phoenix

This was a request somebody wanted me to do for them. They liked my 'Ripped' collection and wanted me to do a Bardock one so i did, and i think its one of my best...
Paintshop Pro 5.

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Another great peice of art! Worship


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Wonderful picture. The coloring is absolutely gorgeous. You captured his pose really well, and it does look like he came out from a serious battle.

Love can be blind.

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WoW! This might even top the one of Goku!!! lol
This is just rich and intense. Great job!

*Legend of Zelda makes me not die*

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Ah I just got into Red Curtain, it's good to see you here too! I wish there was an option to like follow you or something but I dun know how >.< I don't really think there is anyways and you put up more of your art on Da than here anyways probably XD

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I like the dramatics of this picture but the incorrect anatomy of his deltoid muscles is a real distraction. I really like the way you use color.


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Nice! Don't see a lot of fanart about this guy. Good job!

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