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I think anyone can relate to being controlled by other people, and Jack and Sally are no different. Sally is restless under Dr. Finkelstein's iron control. As for Jack, he's gotten weary of Mayor's constant reminders of his Pumpkin King duties. The solution? Run away from it all! Tongue

Jack: A splendid idea Sally! How do you come up with these things? Big Smile

Sally: Oh, through much practice I guess. ^_^

Dr. Finkelstein: THAT...LITTLE...!!!  > Sad

Mayor: Not again with the disappearing act! JACK!! Don't do this me!! Sad

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Nightmare before Christmas is love and so is this pic which is very dynamic and so cute ^^

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ah, cute idea and of course pic ^^= I love it!

"Are you ready?!"

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This drawing is great! I love the action here and the composition. Grin Nice hob!^^

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Oh, wow! It looks wonderful, and I love the colouring!

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