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Completed: Nov 22, 2003

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Crooked from the scanner. And cut off too! Sorry about that. I decided to add the Sepia tones just a bit ago, the original was done in colored pencil (very colorful), and I'm not quite sure it's what I want...Hmm, what do you think of it? Reference pics were used to create this, most were screenshots if I recall Ponder

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I think the sepia tones look really good on this, great work.

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I think the sepia tone fits the mood more - their looks are all so serious. I like it a lot! Well done!

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I really like the idea behind this picture, and the cropped composition really works well!! Lovely colouring and an altogether wicked picture!

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Very awesome! Love the different expressions used for his different forms ^_^ Great choice of color scheme

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That's brilliant. I really like the feeling of action and movement you've got going on. Great stuff!

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hey there! as usual, I yuv it!!! I think you do great with the three thingy, no what i mean? I remeber you doing another when you were t the old house. and both are vonderful. the sepia tones are great, however, i cant tell you which i tink is better for this pic if i dont see the other one with the original colors. send it to me or post it. i vanna see!!!!

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OOOOOOOOOOH, Can you say love it. They are so cool. You have great talent. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Smile

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This is awesome! I love the layout and the tone; the facial expressions are very well-captured as well. Excellent job! Smile

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Excellent job, karana. I am a fan of your work and from what I've seen, this is your best. You captured Goku's soul in his eyes perfectly in all 3 forms. I love the sepia tones. Darker tones tend to indicate struggle or inner darkness, and we all know, Goku has plenty of that. Don't change a thing about this picture. It's perfect just the way it is.

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Wow, I love everyone here so much! Thanks!

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