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This was another picture I had been trying to immortalize for years. I can say with all honesty that this is one of my best works. If I had to make a guess as to how many hours it took, I'd say maybe 5 or so.

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keep the work going its really really good so keep it up

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ya know, i've viewed your artwork and you never fail to amaize me... damn.... the world needs people with your talent.

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Bad ass, awesome, cool, Great!...nuff said

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AWESOME WORK! THE SHADING IS EXCELLENT!Shading is what I really need to work on >.< I Heart LINK!

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Totally awesome! I love the Legend of Zelda. The only thing I would mention is that Link's nose is a little longer and pointier, but this is a really, REALLY good picture, and if I could draw like that, I would be ecstatic.

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This is so lovely. Great job!

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this is a great pic! Good job!

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