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Galleries: Angst Finished Work Fullmetal Alchemist Teen Male (14-19)

Tags: fanart, fma


Completed: Oct 21, 2006

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The sins of the past haunt us.

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This is really pretty. Edward's eyes look so haunted. I suppose that was what you were going for, huh? ^__~

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I love the setup of this... the words float there, yet surround him (as some are clearly behind him) as the thoughts and repercussions of such sins truly do.
The highlights give him a kind of glow, really setting him off from the background.
It's interesting that among all these things relating to sins... there's the word "love" and the word "live." Though "live" is so small it could almost be overlooked... how ironic.

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Very nice! Heart

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This is really good!!! (just one note, though... does it seem Ed looks a bit too feminine to you? I was just noticing the sharpness of the jaw, lips and eyes...)

The greatest story ever written.




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Wow. Why does this only have two comments? This is really gorgeous! I love the concept and Ed looks great! +Fav

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Nice job! I love the whole look of this Yes The white highlights are cool too ^^

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new Favorite Ed looks lovely!

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