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Completed: Oct 28, 2006

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My version of Donald in "Kingdom Hearts"... If you like it, watch my other drawings!! Wink

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LOL! I love Kingdom Hearts, especially dearest Sora, but man, this is too funny. Very funny in fact... Donald totally needs to get out his anger in gory ways or something right?

Anyway, great style though influenced by Disney of course, to fit with the game's art. I like the fact that even though it's gory it's not sickening. The crimson color for the blood helps that. Unless you wanted it sickening, in which case you could probably darken the blood color a bit.

Other than that I really have nothing more to add... except that I'll have to look at the rest of your work now. ^_^

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Nice work Thumbs Up , got the blood just right but why did Doanld cut off Sora's head?

as a side note ... WTF!!!!!!!! Donald you bastard Cry

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"He was always a quiet duck. Kept to himself mostly, made friends with mice and dogs. He did seem to be angry about his speech problem."

That is just too great.

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i love kingdom hearts!!
putting that aside, the tweaks you have in here to make this are hot...


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This is TOO funny!!! I loathe Kingdom Hearts, and this...this takes the cake!


The greatest story ever written.




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Great job man,
I haven't seen something this good in a while.

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omg! This is sooo awesome! Skull Donald is so crazy in here nice job Yes

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ROFL that's too good. Donald has gone bonkers! New fav Favorite

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