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Completed: May 24, 2006

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Yay another work ^^ It's also an old work but I love it anyway. I absolutly love her face and calm expression ^.^

I hope to upload next time a few new works but I haven't the time at the moment , sorry.
But I hope that you like my "old" stuff, too Laughing

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Lovely work with the shading. She has a very sweet face. Smile

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I really love her calm and almost dream like expression, it fits serenity well. I really like how you did her bangs, they have a more realistic fell to them.
You may have wanted to make her left hand a little larger and add a bit more of a angle to it so it looked more like it was sitting.

Very nice work over all, I love how you protraded her so keep up the great work.

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Great job! Bounce

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This is very nice. She does look very calm in this picture. Smile

Crit time: I think her left hand is a bit small. But that's easily fixed, so no problems. Hug

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Gotta miss Serena... She looks awesome.
I'd love to see your new stuff.

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