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Social Hazard

2/4 of the series I did for Gof  ^^

This one turned out to be my personal favorite... <.<

Kero (C) Himself
Tanu (C) Me
Pose (C) ((heeheehee))

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-drools- Hamenahamenahamena....WOW. Damn. This is one hot drawing.....

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this is awesome

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KISSU. *dies* <3

The details in their figures and accessories are amazing. And I'm a sucker for well-drawn kisses of any kind~ Compositionally, I love the general balance and lack of symmetry. And the way the ickle wings and fluffy tails frame the characters is gorgeous.

There's just so much to love about it. <3

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Nice job Yes The poses are excellently drawn Big Smile I love those details too. Awesome awesome job ^^

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